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Stylage XXL for sale online


About Stylage XXL

Stylage XXL for sale Stylage XXL from Vivacy is the most dense filler of the Stylage line. It is a single-phase gel, the active substance of which is hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which is 21 milligrams per 1 gram of product. The gel is developed by using 3D-Matrix technology, which makes the product elastic and convenient for introduction and IPN-Like technology, which continues the action of the product in skin cells and stimulates the natural process of formation of collagen bodies. The advantage here is that the filler includes a phosphate buffer pH 7,2, which helps the skin to recover faster.

How to buy Stylage XXL online in the USA and what is the Stylage XXL price?

We provide you with great deals for wholesale purchases of goods. We offer the best price for Stylage XXL and the opportunity to choose a convenient shipping method. With the services of Beauty Dermal, you will save your time and get answers to any questions about the product and service.

What are the benefits of Stylage XXL?

The product is designed to combat aging of the skin, restore its elasticity and smooth wrinkles. Often the drug is used for patients who have lost weight and their skin has become saggy, or for patients whose skin has lost tone due to alcohol or smoking. The product can also be used for cheeks and cheekbones correction. The drug is introduced into a deep layer of skin where hyaluronic acid is released. Under the skin, it deforms and gives volume to a certain area. But over time, its components begin to fail and the patient then needs to undergo a second course of injection. The effect of the procedure lasts up to 16 months.

To whom Stylage XXL injections are contraindicated?

Allergic tests must be performed before injections. Pain, redness, or slight bruising may occur during administration but should take 24-48 hours. It is excluded to enter the product during pregnancy, lactation, and persons under 18 years. The procedure should be postponed if the patient suffers from any viral infections, herpes or other skin lesions, acne is under development, suppuration on the skin, scars, or a high tendency for their formation.

What does the product look like?

For the most comfortable and safe administration of the drug, the manufacturer has created convenient syringes with a minimum needle diameter. Visual control of the volume of the injected drug allows you to track the flow of the gel. The convenient handle of the syringe is specially designed so that the cosmetologist can create the most natural volume without any problems or additional efforts, and the short syringe allows the specialist’s hand to be in close proximity to the client’s skin.

What are the benefits of Beauty Dermal among other online stores?

Beauty Dermal is an online store and Stylage XXL online supplier where you can buy Stylage XXL online at retail and buy Stylage XXL wholesale at great deals and discounts.


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