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Restylane Perlane Lidocaine 0.5ml


Restylane Perlane ‒ for Beauty, Youthfulness and Good Mood

Restylane Perlane Lidocaine 0.5ml To look after mature skin and treat it, you need to use special compositions with prolonged effect. It is Restylane Perlane that acts as such a product. It is produced in Sweden by Q-MED. In accordance with the statistical data, a large number of procedures have been performed by using it. Being a Restylane Perlane supplier, we try to satisfy the demand and invite to buy Restylane Perlane online wholesale.

Characteristics of the Composition

The composition of the preparation is simple and effective. With it, you can instantly achieve a positive effect for a period of up to a year. The complex includes two main substances:

  • hyaluronic acid (it is responsible for regulating the water balance and moisturizing the skin);
  • sodium chloride (it ensures ease of introduction and ease of distribution of the composition under the skin).

All this makes the composition too viscous, so it has the property of remaining beneath the skin for a long time. Disintegration begins only 6 months after the procedure, and the substance is completely removed from the skin after a year. The effect is seen almost immediately. But the maximum effect will be observed only in 6-7 days.

When It is Time to Buy Restylane Perlane Online

The preparation should be used for the skin that has reached a certain stage of maturity, i.e. when there are certain problems such as folds and wrinkles of different depths. Through the use of the preparation you can solve several tasks at the same time:

  • to change the state of the lips;
  • to restore or improve soft tissue;
  • to shape certain parts of the face;
  • to intensively moisturize the skin;
  • to achieve an overall improvement of facial appearance.

Benefits Worth the Restylane Perlane Price

The preparation enjoys enormous popularity due to considerable advantages which are a high degree of biological compatibility and the absence of rejection. The advantages also include:

  • the possibility of activating metabolic processes at the local level;
  • rationality of the composition;
  • absolute sterile properties;
  • easy removal from the body.

The preparation is worth the price you pay for one milliliter of the composition. Customer reviews are indicative of it. But the good news is that when you buy Restylane Perlane online discounts are available.

Restrictions and Adverse Reactions

It is recommended to refrain from performing the procedure in the following situations:

  • carrying of a pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • personal intolerance to the components;
  • the occurrence of cancerous tumors;
  • diabetes.

If you take all this into consideration, the risk of side effects will be minimal. In some situations, bruises, edema, pain and hyperemia may appear.

Principles of the Procedure

Plasty is carried out according to a simplified scheme. The client is given an initial consultation, and then the doctor performs manipulations with injections. To give an injection, the doctor anesthetizes the skin area. The preparation is injected under the skin through the use of a thin needle, and it is done very slowly. The procedure can be managed in just half an hour, in some cases in 20 minutes.


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