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Teosyal RHA2 for sale online


The massive success of the Teosial product line, which includes many preparations for the correction of wrinkles, skin nourishment and bio revitalization is due to the highest quality standards of the Swiss Company and constant innovation. Each Teosyal fillers is designed for different Facial Areas


Teosyal RHA 2 is formulated using patented technology to produce resilient gel that offers correction of moderate wrinkles (e.g. nasolabial folds, glabellar lines), as well as fine lines on the face. Additionally, facial volume can be restored or augmented to a more desirable level with this soft tissue filler, giving the facial contour a more defined and polished look.



Aging can be divided into 2 categories: intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging describes the unavoidable aging process triggered by genetic signals. This process causes skin cells to suffer from a sluggish rate of production and decreased functionality. As a result, visible skin damage like pimple scars is not repaired as quickly as they used to be, leaving behind signs of aging. This process can leave the skin looking dull and exhausted. Extrinsic aging consists of the damage caused by external skin-damaging factors like UV rays, air pollution, unhealthy diet, and smoking. These factors introduce pesky free-radicals that exacerbate pre-existing skin health issues, making imperfections like wrinkles and lines deepen as time goes by.

Teosyal RHA 2 is created using Resilient Hyaluronic Acid Technology to form a sturdy and viscoelastic gel. The gel is able to withstand and support the skin even through very dynamic facial movements, allowing wrinkles to be filled in seamlessly with natural-looking results. Lidocaine has also been added into the filler in order to offer a comfortable, pain-free treatment session for the patient.



Though dermal filler injections are a minimally invasive process that can be completed quickly, it is still a medical procedure. Only legally certified, trained, and experienced physicians are permitted to administer soft tissue fillers. Every treatment sessions should also be completed following aseptic guidelines in order to decrease the risk of serious reactions like infections. During the initial consultation, review your patient’s medical history to discover whether they have any existing health issues, or are taking any medicines or supplements that may make them ineligible for treatment with this product. Advise patients to stop taking any blood-thinning agents, such as aspirin, vitamin E, or NSAIDs, a week before their planned session.

Ensure that the gel is still in its original packaging and within its shelf life. Attach 1 of the traceability labels to your patient’s file. Clean and sanitize the proposed area of injection. Attach and secure a needle to the prefilled syringe. It is recommended to use the 30G needle provided. Remove the needle cap before use. Inject Teosyal RHA 2 into a mid-dermis layer of a problem area. Gently massage the treated area for better tissue integration of the gel. Dispose of any leftover gel and used needles. As part of aftercare, advise the patient to avoid wearing makeup for about 12 hours following injections. They must also avoid harsh temperatures (e.g. sauna, hammam, intense cold) for a week after treatment.

Do not overcorrect, as it may cause an unnatural finish. Injecting too deeply into the subcutaneous layer may cause very little skin improvements, while injecting too superficially may give rise to irregular effects. Refer to the information pamphlet for more usage instructions.



Teosyal’s proprietary Resilient Hyaluronic Acid Technology allows RHA 2 to last up to 9 months or longer. The filler is made of biodegradable gel that is slowly absorbed by surrounding cells over time, meaning your patient should return for injections once or twice a year to maintain results. The duration of results may vary according to patient’s age, health, and lifestyle.



Yes, Teosyal RHA 2 is a high-quality aesthetic filler derived from a tightly-regulated bacterial fermentation process, making it perfectly safe. This advanced manufacturing process also produces hyaluronic acid molecules that are extremely similar to the natural ones that are naturally present in the skin. The gel is also purified to be free from disease-transmitting pyrogens and is supplied for purchase in sterile packaging to ensure the utmost safety for patients. Patients can safely obtain filler injections with minimal risk of adverse reactions. However, certain circumstances can contraindicate patients from receiving this cosmetic filler treatment, including the following scenarios:

Hypersensitive/allergic to any of the ingredients (e.g. hyaluronic acid, lidocaine);

History of previous anaphylactic/allergic attacks;

Presence of autoimmune/heart/liver disorders;

Presence of dermal disorders (e.g. cold sore breakouts, acne, hives, wounds) on the treatment area.

Injecting the gel into blood vessels, superficial wrinkles, and eyelids is strictly prohibited. The use of this product in paediatric, pregnant, or lactating patients is also not permitted. Refer to the information pamphlet for more contraindications and warnings.



In addition to reviewing the patient’s medical records during the initial consultation, you should also explain the probable side effects that they might experience as a result of treatment.





Pain at the injection site.





Inflamed lumps

Gel displacement

Issue death

Advise your patients to seek immediate medical help if any of the symptoms last beyond a week. Refer to the information pamphlet for more possible reactions.



Teosyal RHA 2 is an aesthetic filler of non-animal origin, formulated using unique Resilient Hyaluronic Acid Technology. This allows the gel to be very durable, yet robust enough to withstand dynamic facial movements. Lidocaine has also been added in the formula to provide greater comfort to patients. The resulting gel has been purified to be free from disease-transmitting pyrogens and is supplied in sterile packaging.


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