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Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep for sale


The massive success of the Teosial product line, which includes many preparations for the correction of wrinkles, skin nourishment and biorevitalization, is due to the highest quality standards of the Swiss company and constant innovatio

About Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep 2x1ml

Teosyal PureSense Ultra Deep is designed to solve age-related skin problems. The concentration of hyaluronic acid is 25 milligrams per 1 gram of product. The hyaluronic acid in the product is purified from toxins and biocompatible with the skin. HA is a substance of non-animal origin that minimizes drug rejection.

Can I buy Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep online in USA and can І buy Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep wholesale?

You can use our service and buy Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep online in the USA at the online store of Beauty Dermal. We offer you the best service and the best deals to buy Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep wholesale. Here you also have the opportunity to choose the convenient way of delivery for you and get help while ordering Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep.

What are the benefits of Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep Injection?

Lidocaine is one of the drug’s components. It provides a comfortable introduction and reduces pain during the procedure. The filler is introduced into the deep layers of the dermis. Due to the perfect form of development, the product is smoothly distributed in the skin cavities. The gel is used for filling puppet wrinkles, nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the chin and forehead areas. Doctors also use it for lips and cheekbones volume restoration as well as lifting the facial oval. The effect of the filler application lasts from 9 to 12 months. The result may last even longer if the patient abides by the rules of the skincare after injection.

What are the filler contraindications?

The drug is forbidden if the patient has an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine. You can’t use it if there are autoimmune diseases or flu, herpes is an inactive stage, skin rashes. Injections are also forbidden during pregnancy and for people under 18 years of age. After the introduction of the filler into the skin, it may cause unpleasant light pain, slight bruises, and swelling. These symptoms disappear during 24-72 hours.

What are the benefits of Beauty Dermal and what is the cost of Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep?

Beauty Dermal is an online store that is a Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep supplier. Here you can purchase dermal products wholesale or in retail. Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep price varies in different ranges, but we offer you affordable prices and quality delivery. The price for Teosyal PureSence Ultra Deep in the online store of Beauty dermal is much lower than other online services offer.


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